We are thrilled to be bringing this new function online for our customers.

So, how do you get set up? Simple! CLICK HERE to email our tech dept and we’ll take care of the rest. What we need to know is the following:

  1. Your company name.
  2. The person that will be your account contact regarding online functions.
  3. Your login will have the ability to create additional logins if you so desire.
  4. Your logins can be set, by you, to have limited access and functionality. Meaning the warehouse login can be set to have no access to accounting info etc.

Once you get the login info by return e-mail, you are ready to go. The system is very straightforward and takes only minutes to become familiar with it. As well, one of our people can take you through a step by step tutorial by phone or in person if you’d prefer. Just let us know if you’d like the extra ‘personal touch’.

Need a custom quote?

Please call us at 604-579-0170. We look forward to handling all of your logistic needs.