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About Us

Started in 2001, Coast Freight Systems is a cartage company servicing Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We also offer 'Hot Shot' to all points in B.C. including Whistler and Vancouver Island.

At Coast Freight Systems our mission to you, the customer, is to deliver the best service, and to exceed your expectations with each and every shipment we deliver. Our diversified trailer fleet meets every transportation need and our competitive rates all combine to make Coast Freight Systems your most desirable and reliable carrier. Compared with other transportation and logistics companies, Coast Freight Systems has a reputation for being extremely responsive

We operate everything from courier vehicles to flatdecks to crane trucks. No load is too big for our fleet.We also have one of the lowest claim rates of any carrier in the Lower Mainland.

We are proud to service customers in the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley, Whistler, and Vancouver Island.

Call us at 604-579-0170 or email us for quotes on out of town shipments.

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